About us

Enigma-System is the new mobile operator in Romania, where the own coverage will initially be exclusively in rural and mountainous areas in Romania, ie areas where the coverage of other mobile  operators is worse or non-existent; for the rest of the areas, the coverage will be based on a national roaming agreement

Myth versus Truth


The speed

the myth: Romania is in Top 10 countries with the fastest broadband internet connections in 2020 - rating provided by Speedtest by Ookla

the truth: Romania is divided in two in terms of the performance of internet access networks: half of the localities are struggling with low speeds or even the lack of connections to Internet. That is why the ranking is not realistic.

The coverage

the myth: The 4G network of the first operator covers 99,22% of the country's population and 100% of the urban population - the website from biggest MNO in Romania

the truth: Signal coverage maps are based on computer simulation and do not represent a guarantee of the availability of services - and it is no coincidence that the signal maps are not contractual.

The price

the myth: On the mobile internet, Romania has the lowest rates in all of Europe.

the truth: If we refer to the purchasing power of Romanians, we do not have the lowest rates for mobile internet. Even in absolute numbers, Poland has better prices than in Romania.

The availability

the myth: In Romania, according to ANCOM regulations, the availability of mobile networks is at least 98% of the time.

the truth: Security incidents caused by power outages - the effect being the loss of voice and internet connections - have increased from year to year, only last year there were over 100K incidents, as even ANCOM admits. Also, some operators have problems with processing transactions during the holidays and especially during the night (daily), the effect being to reduce the real availability of services.

The user experience

the myth: Mobile services are accessible to all users, regardless of age and level of education, including those with disabilities.

the truth: Many users prefer the monthly subscription option because in this way they avoid the monthly activation / reactivation of some extra options and network settings. Setting up value-added services, as well as access to the customer service department, is a real challenge even nowadays.

The new normal

the myth: Romania successfully passed the "exam" to stay connected remotely during the pandemic and especially in the national lockdown, both for online school and remote work.

the truth: Mobile networks were not designed for broadband internet in suburban and rural areas. This aspect has become very visible at upload speed, because the "online school" as well as the "remote work" means video conferencing which requires a completely different quality of services.
Why Choose Us

Basic services

Free on-net voice calls and SMS, without the need to recharge and without entering the grace period

Standard services

For calls and SMS outside the network (national and  international), as well as  internet access, an extra option must be activate


Value-added services, 24/7 support, multiple available settings and configurations like no other mobile network