The mobile network reinvented

Rețeaua mobilă reinventată

Enigma-System pioneers a controlled instability using a ground-breaking concept: the LIQUID™ mobile network
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The discrepancy between promised and actual performance of mobile networks Mobile networks should keep us connected everywhere & anytime with a quality sufficient for all applications we use on the phone. However, there are significant differences in performance between what the phone CAN DO and what the phone DOES, especially on internet speed, battery life and coverage.
The LIQUID™ mobile network Phones, smartphones, small devices and smart devices, pictures, videos, applications and social media applications.

All these services and devices we use have their own requirements on network performance, meaning coverage might be sufficient for texting or voice, but stressful for loading a web page or streaming a video in your specific location.

So it's no wonder that we meet DROPPED CALLS in crowded places and BAD INDOOR COVERAGE, forcing us to use home or public Wi-Fi hotspots.

All of these because today's mobile networks are being captive in the same old GSM network architecture SINCE 1991.
A radical change in mobile network design is needed to put the equal sign between what science knows and what business does today.
Technology Our LIQUID™ mobile network is able to avoid infrastructure overbooking and to reduce the use of electricity in the network by up to 55%
The unfair advantage of the Enigma-System network
Lifetime connection We offer lifetime free on-net voice & SMS for all our customers, as well as familly and friends subscription bundles, to lower the total cost
Extended autonomy For smartphones and especially for wearables, a clear advantage to us, impossible to replicate by the competition
Need for speed A leap from 47 Mbps today average download speed to a nationwide 140 Mbps average at Enigma-System
Top security Neutralization of espionage software for smartphones – like Pegasus (by NSO Group) and Predator (by Cytrox) – by using proprietary features and special network settings
Win for Customers
This (patent pending) technology is fully compatible with all 4G and 5G phones available on the market today, providing:
✓ Guaranteed coverage everywhere
✓ Double battery life for any mobile device
✓ Triple internet speed
✓ Nationwide precise positioning services in case the GPS signal is jammed
✓ Increased privacy for traffic and location data
Win for Investors
Our sustainable business model uses deep tech in radically new ways to create a game-changing cost structure for our smart infrastructure, substantial reduction of CAPEX and OPEX.

We comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles such as significantly lowering the carbon emissions by reducing electricity consumption  in the network. Consulted by Deloitte in 2021

The future sounds good!
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